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Our vision is to become a leading specialised supplier of innovative fertility products.
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Innovative, patented and clinically tested sperm quality home test. Read more at

Innovative, patented and clinically tested fertility products. Products and test are carefully described at in

Pure substance principle products for vulnerable populations, like pregnant and breast-feeding women, allergy and diabetic patients, vegans, chronic patients and elderly people. See more at

Innovative food supplements developed by dr. Sanja Toljan. See more at

Innovative familly planning products to help identify ovulation time, urinary and vaginal infections and pregnancy.



Potenza Medica Ltd. is a specialised distributor for fertility products. Having rich in-house experience from research, regulatory and pharmaceutical sales, already developed sales channels and wide range of important contacts, we are offering:

representation and marketing of pharmaceutical products/services

  marketing support/consultancy

  regulatory support/consultancy

  clinical study support/consultancy